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We help B2C startups craft their voice and engage their audiences through our proprietary B3T Framework

There are many, many ways to start your business off on the wrong foot. One of the biggest blindspots we have seen over and over again is the failure of entrepreneurs to implement any kind of brand strategy.

Many entrepreneurs have no clue what a brand strategy is and how lacking one could lead to seriously sabotaging all of their time, investment capital, and hopes and dreams for their startups.

That’s why Vectyr offers our proprietary B3T Framework to empower startups to strategically aim all of their energy and efforts with precision at a defined target audience.

We do this by forging a bond between Brands to their Target Audiences through 3 Interaction Categories:



If your audience is never aware, they will never care. We will develop a plan to grab their attention and generate interest and desire. Every brand should have a strategy that shapes an identity which paves the way for a sensory connection to the brand and its mission and vision.



When your audience is ready to answer your call to action, the experience must be frictionless and deliver on the promised dream outcome. It can even be done in a way that exceeds expectations and differentiates your offering in the marketplace.

Target Audience


A loyal target audience will sustain a startup, but a growing mob of advocates will fuel growth because they’ll champion your brand and bring all their friends with them.

Why Branding? Why Strategy? Why B2C Startups?

Founder Steve Reed explains why Vectyr focuses on these three components and how they can help your B2C startup succeed.


Ready to forge your brand’s identity?

Since 2004, Vectyr has been empowering brands to connect with their audiences using our proprietary B3T Framework that forges a strong connection between brands and their target audiences.

Many B2C startups have limited knowledge or resources to handle branding internally, but that’s where we come in to deliver incredible value your brand.

We live and breathe startups. We know the pain, we know the struggle, we know the hustle, we know what it takes to position B2C startup brands for target audience engagement.

Let’s talk and see if we are a good fit for you.

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