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Brand Strategy
for B2C Startups

We help B2C startups find their voice and engage their audiences through strategic branding



Position your brand with your target audience effectively with our strategic process that uses brand personality archetyping to ensure consistency and on-brand messaging.



Get design assets and guidelines to use across all of your marketing efforts to handle visual elements like colors, patterns, photography, fonts, templates, and more.



We provide logo design, logo redesign, and logo makeovers. We design for responsiveness and provide variations to ensure maximum usability and recognition.



Get a professional eye to oversee all of your branding initiatives and make sure that everything your logo touches is set up appropriately and remains on-brand.



Get an outside, unbiased voice to provide honest and practical feedback on current or planned branding initiatives. Discover any ways that you could be unwittingly sabotaging your brand.



Get any of these services bundled and scaled to fit the needs of your startup. Every startup is different and a tailored approach provides the best results.

Why Branding? Why Strategy? Why B2C Startups?

Founder Steve Reed explains why Vectyr focuses on these three components and how they can help your B2C startup succeed.


Ready to forge your brand’s identity?

Since 2004, Vectyr has been empowering brands to connect with their audiences using a wide variety of solutions such as brand personality archetyping, logo and identity design, and brand management.

Many B2C startups have limited knowledge or resources to handle branding internally, but that’s where we come in to deliver incredible value your brand.

We live and breathe startups. We know the pain, we know the struggle, we know the hustle, we know what it takes to position B2C startup brands for target audience engagement.

Let’s talk and see if we are a good fit for you.

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