​​B2C Branding Done Right

A Killer Brand
in 4 Weeks

If you’re an entrepreneur launching a B2C business in a highly competitive space, we can add some afterburners to your venture by crafting a fresh new brand that refuses to be ignored.

Sell Easier
Be Magnetic
Amplify Impact

We get YOU

Blood, Sweat, and Branding

Although you’re investing time, money, blood, sweat, and tears to make your business happen, “your brand is the single most important investment you can make in your business.” (Steve Forbes)

This is why we at Vectyr provide a trifecta of business strategy, visual design, and coaching to create brands designed to differentiate and dominate.

🔥 We call it the BrandForge.

Brand Architecture Development

Here’s the 4-week BrandForge Breakdown:

We’ll handle the brand development while you focus on your business development.

Week 1

Targeting the Right Audience

Step one is to identify and qualify a specific target audience that is the most profitable and desirable. We initiate interviews with real members of this target audience, collect data, look for key patterns, and design buyer personas.

Week 2

Brand Story and Positioning

Next, we’ll craft a Brand Story that casts your audience as the hero and you as their guide. You’ll be armed with strategic marketing insights, a social media plan, and the knowledge to outshine competitors by defining your mission, vision, positioning, personality archetype, values, voice & tone. Prepare for distinction in your own category of dominance.

Week 3-4

Visual Identity, Logo and Website

Your brand’s vibe comes alive in a captivating Stylescape – a curated fusion of visuals, textures, typography, and colors that includes a world-class responsive logo. You’ll empower designers, marketers, and more to effortlessly and consistently capture your brand essence across all platforms.

We’ll launch your Brand Story-based website in little as a day so you can start generating leads!

It all Starts with a Brandstorm

Ready to Get Your Killer Brand?

Every BrandForge begins with a BrandStorm. In this creative discovery session, we strategize and help determine a clear path forward; here’s are the 3 steps involved:

Step 1
Target an Audience
We’ll figure out your most profitable and desirable audience
Step 2
Focus Your Offer
We’ll help you craft a unique value proposition for your audience
Step 3
Visualize the Plan
We will map out a plan that aligns with your budget in a creative brief
What a Few of our Clients Say

We have a deep passion for our clients, reveling in their success as their businesses soar and flourish.

That’s why I hire smart branding guys like you to solve for the big picture. You nailed it.
Jody Rookstool
Founder of Built Bar & QuickFresh
Steve is the best there is in his field. His artistic and creative genius is like no other. Any work Vectyr has done for our company has been on time and better than we anticipated!
Glen Hancock
Owner, Advanced Financial Strategies
As the owners of Hometown Leatherworks, we were struggling to define our ideal customer and create a cohesive brand identity and Vectyr’s expertise and guidance was instrumental in transforming our business. Vectyr’s branding process was a revelation for us and Hometown Leatherworks has experienced a significant transformation. We now have a clear brand identity that resonates with our ideal customer. Our messaging is consistent, and our products are better aligned with our target market’s desires.
Tina Hancock
Hometown Leatherworks
From all of us I just want to say thank you! Your vision for the branding and logo has been spot on what we have wanted and we are so happy with your work! Monday I got to use some of this for the first time and ended up [landing a high-paying client] … Seriously we all wouldn’t be surviving without you and your knowledge! You are an important piece of starting a successful business for sure.
Adam Layton
Energy Home Improvements
Vectyr did a great job on my branding. They were very quick and organized with their dealings with me as a customer. They are honest and the products they deliver are fantastic.
Scott Christensen
Founder, Rx Rehab

Mind if We Flex a Little?

Want to see what what we’ve done for other businesses like yours?

Yeah, we talk a big game, but can we deliver? Well, check out our portfolio for yourself to get a sampling of some of our favorite branding projects from over the past two decades.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the most commonly-asked questions that we get.

Is my business a good fit for this?

While every business can benefit profoundly from branding efforts in general, we deliver the best results to entrepreneurs who are launching B2C businesses in highly competitive spaces and are expecting to hit a minimum of $10M/yr within five years of launch.

Wait, what is “branding” exactly?

It’s important to understand a couple of key definitions so that we’re all on the same page so take a look below and familiarize yourself with at least these four.

  • A Brand is the sum of all the associations your audience has about your offering.
  • Brand Strategy is a plan of action that helps a business achieve its long-term goals and create a connection with its target audience before any design work is done.
  • Brand Identity is the sensory (visible, audible, etc.) representation of a brand that is developed from a brand strategy to resonate with the target audience. It includes things like a logo but can also include a musical jingle or theme song (think McDonald’s), packaging (think Apple), patterns, textures, colors, fonts, even taste (secret sauce), and smell (movie theatre popcorn).
  • Branding is the implementation of Brand Strategy and Brand Identity together as part of a holistic effort.
How is branding different than marketing?

Branding is the soul of your business – it’s who you are, your identity, and the emotional connection you forge with your audience. It’s about building a lasting relationship based on values, mission, and personality.

Marketing, on the other hand, is the strategic action plan to promote your brand, products, or services. It’s the tactical execution of spreading your message, attracting attention, and driving conversions. In essence, branding shapes your identity, while marketing gets that identity in front of the right people.

And this is all supposed to what, make me more money?

Strategic branding and a targeted visual identity tailored to a specific niche audience can significantly boost your revenue by creating a more profound and relatable connection with your customers. When your brand speaks directly to your niche audience’s needs, desires, and values, you differentiate yourself from competitors, becoming the preferred and perhaps the only choice.

This approach enhances customer loyalty and advocacy, leading to repeat business and referrals. Consistency in visual identity reinforces your brand’s recognition and recall, building trust and credibility. As a result, customers are more likely to choose you over alternatives, even if your offer costs more.

Strategic branding and a niche-focused visual identity create a powerful emotional bond that translates into increased sales, higher customer retention, and a reputation as an industry leader. It’s an investment that generates substantial returns by resonating deeply with the right people.

Are you serious? I get a website too?

Yeah, that’s right. We take care of the whole thing with our own exclusive theme called Vortex, which is designed using Brand Story methodologies to engage a specific audience and tell a compelling story with a magnetic value proposition.

It’s a specially-designed lead-capturing website for new B2C businesses that supports one-page or multi-page strategies and is scalable. It’s the right fit for most of our clients, but if you’re an e-commerce solution or have other unique needs, we deal with those exceptions individually.

Is this risky? Is it the right decision?

Peter Drucker famously said, “All profit is derived from risk.” No investment is totally risk-free, but we like to think that our services and guidance are one of the least risky investments you can make.

Our data-based approach provides a solid foundation for decision-making that delivers results, and we’re committed to working until you are 100% satisfied. We consider ourselves a partner in your success, and we wish to continue our streak of over 2 decades of hundreds of satisfied clients.

We consider it to be extremely risky to enter a highly competitive market with absolutely no brand strategy at all. We’ve seen far too many businesses start off with confidence only to trip over themselves as they try to engage audiences and scale. It’s like they say, “When you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” That’s why we help businesses plan to win.

Is there any support after all the work is done?

Absolutely, built into every BrandForge business we work with is up to 6 months of brand management help so that you can have guidance and direction to make sure that your brand is executed successfully across touchpoints.

You also get a lifetime membership to the private Brand or Die Facebook group where Vectyr founder, Steve Reed will share ongoing insights and strategies regarding branding.

Any additional help such as website management, further development beyond initial launch, or any other services can be negotiated.