Narrative Void

If there is a problem to solve there is story to tell
Many startups are under the power of a very insidious villain. It’s a faceless, merciless, force that’s likely sucking the life out of your business minute by minute.

We call this villain “Narrative Void” (or NarVoid for short), and it is often the reason many startups stumble around and struggle to gain the attention of their audiences.

NarVoid is the absence of storytelling that creates a stifled emotional connection that renders your brand voiceless and forgettable.

It causes your ads to pass by the eyes of prospective customers unnoticed, your website to absolutely suck even though it looks pretty, every interaction you try to create between your business and any customer out there is weak and bland.

You get to watch helplessly as your message, time, and money slowly and steadily gets sucked time and time again into NarVoid’s toxic sphincter of nothingness.

Unfortunately, many startup founders don’t understand that human beings all come pre-wired for storytelling and that when we combine storytelling with our offerings, it grabs the attention of our target audiences in ways that nothing else can.

The BrandForge is our solution to this problem and if you’re interested, you can find out if this is the right solution for you by scheduling a quick call with us:

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