Vital Retirement Partners

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Vital Retirement Partners came to us looking for a new logo that was clean and trustworthy, modern, but not trendy.

We met together for a kickoff and brainstorming meeting where the client was able to inform us about the business and who the target market is. After gathering information and understanding the nature of the business we were prepared to start work on exploring designs.

Exploration + Construction

The branding process starts with the brainstorm. For Vectyr, the brainstorm is composed by different actions that are equally important, which are: understanding the brand/product/business, documentation, inspiration, sketching and designing.

For this logo, we started with the WordMark. For that a series of fonts were explored but ultimately a bold, extended, and oblique Helvetica Neue worked best but it was tweaked a little and serifs were manually added to produce something unique but with the underlying familiarity of Helvetica which is ubiquitous and trusted.

Next, it was time for the most challenging aspect of this project, finding the perfect Icon or Symbol Mark.

Focusing on the “V” shape felt like a good direction to explore, but, as with any symbol, there are already many others out there that already exist. It’s important to do thorough research to make sure you aren’t replicating something that already exists.

The framework of equilateral triangles is inherently strong and the simplicity of the configuration that we settled upon gives a strength that can be felt in the final result even though the underlying structure is invisible.


The green-based color scheme were selected to associate the brand with live and vitality. The green color emphasizes “go” and moving upward and forward which meshes with the directional motion of the logo.

In the end, about 22 variations of the logo were created including an “outlined” version that could be useful on swag, stickers, embroidery, etc.

Sample mockups of the logo in various contexts helps to visualize how the logo could look in the wild. This is a helpful step because it is in these scenarios where the logo will be typically seen, not just isolated on a white background.

Ultimately, this project was a challenge that rewarded the effort with a great logo that feels timeless and checked off all the boxes of the initial goals we had for the project.

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