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A new Las Vegas pediatric dentist wanted his practice to stand out and be unique among his competitors.

Being a pediatric dentist, the client wanted a logo with bright and friendly colors that would appeal to kids and parents alike.

After selecting some sample graphics that had a look and feel that we liked, we started the process of sketching out some analog and digital concepts that were paired with text.

Although many solid variations were created and we were closing in on a version with a tooth in a handprint, a sudden stroke of genius struck the client, and we had to make a massive pivot.

Originally he had a really cool theme idea for his office but it was very ambitious and I’m sure he would have pulled it off. However, he made the decision to make LEGO the theme instead have had LEGO-style murals, decor, etc. and wanted to somehow convey that in the logo.

This was tricky because we needed to review LEGO’s trademark guidelines and see what was possible. We fleshed out the logo more and more and got to a point where we had something we liked. Ultimately the version we arrived at was bright, colorful, unique, and parents and kids love it.

The client ended up decorating his office as planned and the whole thing looks fantastic.

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