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People are always going to need jobs and writing a resume can be a difficult and frustrating part of that process.
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The frontend, resume builder application, and dashboard were all designed and created to facilitate a simple, user-friendly process of helping a user create a professionally-designed resume in a matter of minutes.

The site needed to be mobile responsive so that no matter what device was being used, the capabilities offered to the user would not be affected. InstantResume offers a fast, easy-to-use resume generator that uses professionally-written job descriptions and autofill capabilities to make the process a breeze.

The logo was the first step of the process and this one came together rather quickly. The service allows for the creation of multiple resumes quickly. The mark implies multiple resumes but also the motion we want to convey to coincide with the “instant” in InstantResume.

The home page of the site engages the user into the main value proposition of the site which helps the job seeker to create a professional resume with minimal effort. The site uses a lot of resume screenshots so to optimize the load speed of the page we used an SVG background that is tiny in size and has little effect on the page speed.

The resume creation process is very straightforward. The user fills out the form and Google provides the autofill info for each form while a proprietary database of pre-written job descriptions provides the professional touch.

Measures were taken to bring delight to what could be otherwise dry and boring pages. This login page has a custom illustration that references the forward motion associated with the brand and also sneakily points up to the login/registration forms.

Custom resumes were designed to offer the job seeker multiple options that they could select from to impress employers.

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