FSY Fitness provides a unique fitness experience and community that centers around three dynamic studios.
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FSY is passionate about creating an engaging space to help people reach their fitness goals. To better suit their current members’ needs and attract new clientele, they underwent a vast remodeling phase and wanted their website to reflect their refreshed vibe.

One of the biggest challenges with this new website was to communicate the idea of the three studios. Where others offered just a tread, cycle, or yoga class, FSY has all three, and their tread and yoga studios even offer additional subcategories.

The website needed to inform people about the studios and then have a clean way of describing the details of each.

We started off with a stylescape to play around with some concepts for the look and feel of the site. The client requested “electric purple” as a color to stand out from the crowd.

Several custom icons were created to represent the three studios, the various classes, and other aspects that were important to communicate information to the site visitors.

The header and home page were created to rapidly engage the site visitor with images from the gym and links to the classes and push the visitor toward getting a five-day trial.

Other parts of the site involved complex components like this one that offered guidance on what each day could potentially look like. This entire component is completely mobile responsive and involved quite a bit of creativity to work in all devices effectively.

The mobile version of the website was created to be as easily navigable as the desktop site. At Vectyr, we pay extremely close attention to responsive design and making sure that the size of the device doesn’t negatively affect the quality of user experience.

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