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A new consultation firm was looking for a logo with a modern twist on the Art Deco style.

A mashup between old and new design styles was an exciting challenge. Many variations were considered but we knew that we needed a strong “bi” icon that was unique and powerful.

The client also liked the idea of a puzzle piece that could somehow be incorporated. While going with the actual shape of a puzzle piece didn’t end up feeling right, we were able to hint at the idea of pieces fitting together by making the hole in the “b” and the dot on the “i” the same size and at a 45-degree angle from one another.

We also located a great font for the company name that went along perfectly with the mark. Many final variations were created so the logo could be used in virtually any application.

The client sent this golden “B” to start with as a reference.

deco B

Through an exploration process, we discovered that using the left-side straight portion of a capital B for an I didn’t feel right because it reversed the order of the company name.

It was determined that we should have the “B” before the “I” and that going with something lowercase might open up some more options. It turns out that popping the “donut hole” out of the lowercase “b” and using it for the dot on the “i” was pretty cool-looking.

Removing the serifs from the letters gave them a modern feel, but we still had the objective of incorporating the Art Deco look.

After finding something that we liked it was time to tighten up the underlying geometry. The average person can sense subconsciously when something isn’t right and this can be off-putting. This is why careful attention is paid to these kinds of details. When everything is right, it will feel right and look attractive even if people don’t quite understand why.

We came up with a color scheme that incorporated fantastic gold hues offset with some secondary grays to go with them.

We achieved an Art Deco look by looking back on our references and giving the letters a 3D feel using our gold colors and chiseled edges. The final result works on white as well as the dark gray color we picked. It also stands out in silhouette form and in a 2 color version we created as well.

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