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A private school looking to grow needed a new brand and so much more.
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The first item of business was to update the logo which was used on the website, marketing material, uniforms, and much more.

The school was ready for this major update and wanted to take a large step forward at looking as professional as possible and have their branding match the quality of education they were going for.

One of the problems with the old logo was that the school name was missing so the challenge was to come up with a way of integrating the name of the school without everything look too cluttered. We ended up with a circular area that was closer to the original but we straightened out the eagle, gave him some color so he didn’t feel like clipart, and allowed for more stars to be seen.

An additional 39 stars were added to the ring around the center that represent the signers of the United States constitution.

Another logo was created for the sports teams to use. It is featured on the uniforms and there’s a large version on the basketball court main floor. Most people are familiar with the famous NFL Patriots logo so coming up with something that didn’t feel like a rip-off of their logo was a challenge.

After examining many other “patriot” logos, we found an opportunity in utilizing an angle that we didn’t see anyone else using. We went with a forward view and a lowered head indicating both a “prayerful” patriot and also the idea of lowering one’s head to get to work.

We came up with a campaign for promoting the school with magnetic car labels and stickers using the phrase “i<3aha” which created a heart using the number 3 and a < sign.

The number of designs that were created for this client is simply too numerous to provide here but everything from postcards, to brochures, yearbooks, swag, special promotions, and even outdoor signage was created to successfully market the school.

From its small beginnings as a home school group, it grew to occupy a larger building and then a massive property that features basketball courts, pools, and a lot more space where many more students get a top-rated education.

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